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How do I Scrap My Car with Scrap Car Haslingden?

Scrapping your car with Scrap Car Halsingden couldn’t be easier if we tried. You simply ENQUIRE, BOOK, GET PAID.

It really is as simple as that! 

You can call 01706 407 024 to speak to an advisor within 30 seconds between 8am and 10pm 7 days a week.

You can even get an Instant Online Scrap Car Quote too!

Our customers have been so impressed by the service we provide they rate us as EXCELLENT and rate us ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.


Do you Charge for collecting a scrap vehicle?

Scrap Car Collection with SCH is almost always FREE if you are located in one of our FREE Collection Areas.

The only time we may charge you for collection is if the vehicle is:

 – Incomplete or a shell.

 – Located on a Motorway.

 – We have attempted collection more than once. 

 – If the vehicle isn’t accessible.

You will be notified in advanced of any charges. 

How do I tell the DVLA i've scrapped my car?

When you scrap your vehicle with Scrap Car Haslingden, our driver will sort out all the paperwork for you. 

If you want to be a little more prepared and have an even faster service, you can fill out section 9 of the V5c in our company name:

Scrap Car Halsingden, The Old Shippon, Laund Slack Farm, Cribden End Lane, Haslingden, BB4 8UB.

Once this has been filled in, our driver will sign and date this for you and it is ready to post off to the DVLA here:

DVLA Swansea, SA99 1BD.

Can I register my car as scrap online?

In recent years, the DVLA has become more digital and have made things a little easier for motorists to register their car as scrap or sold online. 

This saves you a stamp and a trip to the post box and the service is available between 7am – 7pm.

Register my car as scrap online.

Can I claim back my road tax when i scrap my car?

Since 2014, The government made it easier to tax your vehicle by introducing direct debit & online payments.

With this service now live, the days of posting off a tax disc that can only be claimed by the registered keeper are long gone.

If you pay monthly for road tax – you just need to cancel your Direct Debit. Once you have notified the DVLA your vehicle has been scrapped  or a CoD (Certificate of Destruction) has been issued, the DVLA will wipe it off their system.

If you pay in advance – You just need to notify the DVLA your car has been sold/scrapped or if a CoD is issued they will be notified automatically and a refund will automatically be debited back to your card.

See for more information on how to claim a road tax refund on a scrap car.

Do you just scrap any vehicle or just cars?

We advertise for scrap cars but our scrapyard in Haslingden is big enough to deal with all makes, models and ages of vehicles.

We accept cars, vans, 4×4’s, motorcycles, minibuses, buses, coaches, tractors, machinery and wagons. We can scrap all commercial and domestic automobiles.

Vehicles we recycle.

What do you do with the cars you take for scrap?

As a responsible scrap car dealer, when we accept a vehicle for scrap, we weigh up all the following options before sending the car to scrap heaven.

If the vehicle is salvageable, we segregate these cars for our network of auto breakers to salvage the parts.

If the vehicle is accident damaged, has minor mechanical issues and is fit for repairing, we often repair the vehicle and give someone else a chance to own a cheap car.

If the vehicle is an MOT failure, we often put the car right and sell on the vehicle at an affordable price for someone else to use.

In the recycling industry, our aim is to Reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfil, Re-use the items fit for reuse and then as a last resort we Recycle.

Does it matter about the condition of my car?

No! We are a scrapyard that deals with ‘scrap cars’ and we recycle all cars. The only thing that may vary on condition of the vehicle is the price.

If you make the scrap car quoting specialist aware of any faults when retrieving your quote, you wont have any surprises when our driver comes to collect.

When will my car be collected for scrap?

Our friendly booking team will arrange a collection time with you when you make your enquiry for scrap but we can be available within the hour on most occasions.

We have Morning, Afternoon or Evening appointments available and depending how busy we are we can try to collect within the hour.

Don’t forget we are open 7days from 8am – 10pm

Book a FREE Collection.

Will I get more if I deliver my scrap vehicle to you?

We provide a FREE COLLECTION service but in busy times, is it’s more convenient for you and us – we ‘may’ offer you a bit of extra cash for delivering your car to our scrapyard.

If you are local and do decide to deliver to our scrap yard our address is:

Scrap Car Halsingden, The Old Shippon, Laund Slack Farm, Cribden End Lane, Haslingden, BB4 8UB.

We are located in Haslingden up by the Halo but if you want directions you can find our Scrapyard on google maps


The Old Shippon, Laund Slack Farm, Cribden End Lane, Haslingden, Rossendale, BB4 8UB

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