Got A Question About Scrapping Your Car In Haslingden

This is the most common question we get asked here at Scrap Car Haslingden when people scrap a car.

We get it, you’ve tidies up, put the logbook in a ‘safe place’ and can’t seem to find it… Thats fine. 

We can still scrap your car without a log book, we just need some proof of ownership such as an insurance certificate or a tax reminder or something to tie you to the car. 

If you haven’t got any paperwork at all but you have the key and some Photo ID, we may still remove your car for you after you sign a decleration the vehicle is yours and you have the permission to recycle the vehicle. 

Losing the key makes scrapping the car a little more challenging, but it’s still possible for us to scrap your car if you’ve lost your key.

However, if you’ve lost your key you must have the log book or other paperwork / documentation that connects you to the car.

We also need photo ID to prove your identity and you will be paid into your bank account same day. So yes, you can still scrap your car with Scrap Car Haslingden if you have no key.

Just don’t expect ‘no questions asked’ if you have a car to collect from a supermarket car park with no key or log book. We run a legitimate business and will not collect anything we feel is too good to be true.

We run all vehicle registrations through an online portal linked through to the DVLA – if the vehicle returns as stolen we will leave the vehicle and have a duty to notify the local police. 

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